10 Things to Find in Pike Place Market: Scavenger Hunt!

Pike Place Market is right around the corner from Pensione Nichols, and it’s chalk full of interesting shops, restaurants, people & views. If you’re planning a stay at Pensione Nichols, make your visit to Pike Place an adventure & find a few of the items on this list!

1. The Gum Wall

Nothing is more simultaneously revolting & intriguing as a large wall covered in years & years of gum. Be sure to bring a pack of gum so you can add to it!

2. The Balloon Man

There’s a gentleman that is frequently in Pike Place making balloon animals, hats, swords & more. You can find him by the large balloon hat he’ll be wearing.

3. Zeppoles

Zeppoles are more or less Italian doughnut holes—and they’re amazing. There’s a loved-by-locals restaurant on the east side of Pike Place that often has a (fast-moving) line out the door of folks picking up Zeppoles and the best grilled panini that the city has to offer.

4. The Pike Place Piano Man

Jonny Hann has been rolling his piano to various busker spots at Pike Place for over 25 years now. He’ll be easy to find—because you’ll be able to hear him tinkle the ivories from a long way off!

5. Handcrafted Kaleidoscopes

Head into the north arcade and hunt through the stalls for Michael Shaw’s Kaleidoscopes. Handcrafted in various shapes & with stained glass, there’s not an equal out there!

6. Rachel the Piggybank

She may be the easiest to find, but the hardest to get to if it’s a crowded day! She’s a large bronze piggy bank waiting to welcome you into the market!

7. Flying Fish

It’s not a trip to Pike Place Market if you don’t see a big ol’ salmon fly through the air! If you’ve found Rachel, just watch the air around you for a fish to fly by.

8. Alexander the Fortune Teller

If you’re looking for a person, you’ll walk right by him! Head into the underbelly of the market to find Alexander & all of his tricks.

9. An Umbrella-Shaped “Seattle”

Find the word “Seattle” illustrated in the shape of an umbrella—and take one home for a loved one waiting for you to return from Seattle!

10. A Barbershop Quartet

Another famous Pike Place Market musical group is a barbershop quartet that covers a wide variety of old hymns, blues songs, & more! They’re often found down by the very first Starbucks, if you want a scavenger hunt bonus!



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