4 Reasons Why Pensione Nichols is the Best Place to Stay in Downtown Seattle

Whether you’re visiting Seattle for business or pleasure, you’ll find a welcoming, ideally situated place to stay in Pensione Nichols. Having been a fixture of the Downtown Seattle neighborhood, and specifically Post Alley, for more than 25 years, we have a pretty solid understanding of why Pensione Nichols is the best place to stay in Downtown Seattle.

In case you’re in doubt, or maybe just curious, please read on!

Close to Popular Seattle Attractions

It’s close to just about any Seattle tourism activity. Whether you’re headed to the Pike Place Market – just steps away from Pensione Nichols – the Seattle Art Museum, Space Needle, Downtown shopping, Miner’s Landing, or ferry docks, our bed and breakfast is the place to stay. It’s within short walking distance of all of these tourist attractions in Seattle, and for the sights farther out, it’s only a block or two from the bus routes that will take you there. There’s almost no need to spend any money on taxi fare when you stay at the Pensione – the Light Rail from Seatac Airport is right around the corner!

Reasonable Prices

It’s unique and reasonably priced. If you’ve ever traveled to Europe, you might have stayed in a ‘pension’ – a Continental European term for a guesthouse or boarding house. That’s exactly what Pensione Nichols is, with a historic Seattle twist. Stay in one of our guest rooms with a shared bathroom, or one of our full suites (each with their own full kitchen!), for a taste of Europe at a good price – all rooms start at $130, and include a daily breakfast. Of course, we won’t turn anyone away, but if you’re looking for a five star hotel experience with room service, a pool and spa, and a restaurant/bar near the lobby, Pensione Nichols isn’t the place to be. It’s got a more relaxed, bed-and-breakfast feel. Speaking of that …

Friendly and Relaxed

It’s friendly, personable, and relaxed. Lindsey Nichols is the owner and host at the Pensione, and she’s as much a fixture to the place as we are to Post Alley. She wants it to feel like you’re visiting a friend when you come to stay at Pensione Nichols, so we’ve extended that ambiance to every moment you’re here. Enjoy a warm welcome from Lindsey herself, meet new people and maybe make new friends in our breakfast and common room, and look forward to a peaceful stay that feels like your home-away-from-home.

Clean and Comfortable

It’s clean and comfortable. These are the first steps to any hospitable establishment, and it’s certainly true here at the Pensione. We want your stay to be as enjoyable as possible – your own retreat from the streets of Seattle after you’ve spent the day checking out all of the sights, sounds and tastes of the Emerald City. You’ll find our guestrooms and suites fresh and clean each day, with regularly serviced shared restrooms to ensure cleanliness. Our beds are cozy, with coverings to layer on or off as the unpredictable Seattle weather requires, and we hope they’ll be as comfy as your bed at home – or more so.

We look forward to meeting you and making your stay at the Pensione Nichols one of the most memorable parts of your visit to Seattle! Click here to book your room!

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