Grab a Cuppa: Coffee Tourism

Whether this is your first visit to Seattle, your hundredth, or you’re a local looking for a little staycation, you probably know one thing about Seattle: We LOVE coffee. We invented Starbucks, Tully’s, the Clover, wrote the books on the trade, and sparked a nationwide coffee revolution. Within 1.5 miles of Pensione Nichols, there are numerous coffee shops that have unique features, coffee, and treats.

Here are our top seven (from nearest to farthest away):

1. The First Starbuck’s (closest)

If you’re visiting Seattle, you HAVE to visit the first Starbucks. It’s located on the east side of Pike Place, and is certainly a loved tourist location.

2. Storyville Coffee (still close)

Storyville is a new player on the scene, and quite a contender. They’re on the top floor of the Corner Market Building at 1st & Pike, and are already earning accolades for their shop & coffee at a mere 5 months old. Bonus: If you’re there on a quiet evening, they sometimes serve FREE chocolate cake to guests.

3. Seattle Coffee Works (still close)

At 1st & Pike, Seattle Coffee works is a mere two blocks away. They’ll gladly explain to you the origins of what you’re drinking—they’ve got amazing baked goods, and even coffee making equipment.

4. Trabant Coffee & Chai (a short walk)

Just as you enter Pioneer Square on 2nd Ave, you’ll come across Trabant Coffee & Chai. They have one of two Clover brewing machines that isn’t at a Starbucks. This means you can try Clover brewed coffee with carefully, hand-selected chosen roasts & blends… instead of the regular Starbucks bean.

5. Victrola Coffee (a decent walk with some uphill)

The Victrola Coffee Roasters just above Boren on Pike St. are known for their craft in bean sourcing, roasting, brewing & serving. If you’re around on a Wednesday, we highly recommend heading up there for an 11am cupping to taste various fresh roasted coffees from all over the world.

6. Stumptown Coffee (a decent walk with a bit more uphill)

This one is another Capitol Hill favorite—but is technically a Portland, OR company. Because of their commitment to quality, they’ve quickly become a beloved Seattle staple & are consistently ranked as one of the top shops in the city.

7. Cafe Vita (a decent walk with a *little* more uphill than Stumptown)

Perched up on Capitol Hill in the heart of the action, Cafe Vita has long been known for their dedication to superior beans, roasting, and sustainability. Their E Pike Street location is where all the roasting magic happens—and they get bonus points for being open until 11pm and serving alcohol.

8. Espresso Vivace Roasteria (a bit of a trek—but well worth it)

Espresso Vivace is one of the most iconic Seattle coffee shops—and is known across the country for their expertise in the espresso arena. These guys literally wrote the books on professional espresso techniques & caffe latte art. Be sure to grab a bag of beans from these guys!

It’s not a trip to Seattle without a little coffee tourism!

Featured photo by Flickr user Technotheory. Labeled for commercial reuse with attribution.

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