Seattle Hotels: What is a Pensione?

Everybody knows what a hotel is, and most know the difference between a hotel and a motel. Many know what a bed-and-breakfast (B&B) is, and some are aware of the definition of a hostel. But a Pensione? For some of the more travelled out there, this term will come naturally, however not everyone is acquainted with what Pensione Nichols actually is, as a Pensione.

So, for those searching for the best Seattle hotels or lodging, we’d like to explain the answer to the question of, what is a Pensione?

A succinct, simple answer we found online was “They are a cross between a hotel and a B&B, and they are usually small and often times, family run.” That’s the Pensione Nichols, for sure! We offer suites and rooms with shared bathrooms in the B&B style, with breakfast every morning for our guest. And, we’ve been family run since we opened over 25 years ago.

These lodging places originated as small boarding houses in Italy. In fact, Katharine Hepburn starred in a 1955 film, Summertime, where she stayed in an Italian place called the Pensione Fiorini for her summer vacation to Venice. And an Italian Pensione is also the setting for the 1985 film, A Room With a View, starring Maggie Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, and other notables of Hollywood.

Some Pensiones in other countries offer lunch, dinner, and occasionally even tea. However, here at Pensione Nichols, we stick to just breakfast. We wouldn’t want to keep you inside here when there are so many fantastic Seattle restaurants, cafés, and other eateries to enjoy within short walking distance!

We love being able to offer something a little bit unique for Seattle tourists, guests, and travelers. We’re the only Pensione in Seattle, and we’re located in the prime area for seeing all of the Seattle sights: just outside Pike Place Market!

Whether you’re looking for someplace special to stay while you’re visiting, or you just want to spend a few nights away from the daily grind, we really look forward to welcoming you to the Pensione Nichols.

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