The Must-Know Facts About Pensione Nichols

When you’re visiting Seattle, it can be tricky to find the perfect place to rest your head for the night. You’re busy planning all of your activities and the sights to be seen while you’re here, and sometimes the details slip through the cracks.

Here at Pensione Nichols, we not only offer a comfortable, welcoming place to stay while you’re in town – we also have the details covered. The following are some facts about Pensione Nichols that are positively necessary to know! That way, you can come visit Seattle and know the little things are taken care of so that you can enjoy your trip!

  • IMG_3329Close to Everything: We say this all the time, but Pensione Nichols is really close to just about anything and everything you’d want to do or see on your trip to Seattle. We’re just steps away from the Pike Place Public Market and all of the flavors and sights to be experienced there. Miner’s Landing, the Seattle waterfront, and cruise docks are just a short walk away. Also, the Seattle Center and Space Needle are either a walk or a short bus ride up the street (where you can enjoy tourism sights as well as performances from the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Seattle Opera, and more). Oh, and movie theaters and shopping are just a couple of blocks from the pensione. We really are close to everything.
  • Essentials Are Included: The usual hotel room equipment is here, of course – things like clean linens, fresh towels for the bathroom, and so on. We also have all the dishes and utensils you need in our suites with kitchens so that you can cook up something delicious with the ingredients you bought at the Market.
  • breakfastsetupBreakfast is Covered: There’s nothing better than rolling out of bed while you’re on vacation to find that someone else has made breakfast! We have breakfast ready and waiting – coffee, juice, fresh fruit, toast, and more! It’s a cozy, delicious way to start each day that you’re here in the Emerald City.
  • Hook Up Your Gadgets to the Free WiFi: As much as you might want to ‘unplug’ while you’re visiting Seattle, we all know that it’s almost impossible to do it. So, if you have to send a couple of emails, or check up on those show tickets you bought to the 5th Avenue Theater, you won’t have to worry about WiFi. Pensione Nichols has a free WiFi connection for any of our guests to use!
  • Parking is NOT a Pain: If you’re driving to Seattle or renting a car while you’re here, parking at the pensione is convenient and reasonably priced. While we don’t have parking in our building (it’s one of those historic Seattle buildings that was constructed before cars came to the city), there’s a great garage just steps away! We recommend that our guests park at the Macy’s garage on Stewart St. between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. It’s secure, well-lit, has in-and-out privileges, and is much cheaper than parking on the street!
  • Pets are Welcome: This is one of the things that makes Pensione Nichols oh-so-awesome! Theo, our resident King Charles spaniel, is here all the time and we’re happy to welcome your furry friend as well. There is a one-time pet fee of $15, but if that’s all it takes to bring your pet with you on vacation, he or she is already in the car, right?

We hope these facts about Pensione Nichols will help make your travel plans easier, and we look forward to having you stay with us soon! Click here to make a reservation online.

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